Friday, March 30, 2012

So many topics, so little motivation

I think instead of Facebook I'll spend more time here.

Right now, I'm feeling pretty empty. I'm tired. So tired that yesterday, on the playground while watching three active kids, I fell asleep at least half a dozen times. Standing up was just too exhausting.

I thoroughly love my life. I'm getting a decent amount of sleep. But something has wiped me out, and I'm struggling to replenish it as I simultaneously try to keep up with life! Today I had one goal, outside of feeding the kids, getting outside, and watching our friend Sophie (5 months and cute as a button!). That was to vacuum. It's 5 p.m. and the vacuum is still in the closet, dinner is unmade, and I am contemplating another nap. I fell asleep earlier, but it didn't last long.

It could be that I'm at the natural ebb in my monthly cycle, (or would it be the flow part? Ha! Bad joke, I know) or that I haven't been taking my vitamins consistently for over a month. Maybe I need more green vegetables?

Or maybe, just another nap. And some more m&m's.


  1. That is a LOT of m&ms.
    You should probably share (with me!)

  2. Go for the chocolate! lol I just read that the afternoon is a perfect time to have chocolate as it is a natural serotonin booster. They also said that if you eat it before bed it can cause insomnia for the same reason...that would explain a lot of my late night habits. =)

    Glad you are back writing. I miss your posts!

  3. Michelle, is that really true? Fascinating!