Thursday, April 19, 2012


Sometimes it feels like amazing things just fall into our laps and so that means that they are meant to be.
But what if they're not.  How do we know?
Once we had the opportunity to live with an old man and be his caretakers.  Rent free, + $500/month.  It sounded amazing.
And it was.  And it also was awful.  Because I had a little 1 year old and hubby had a long commute and it simply wasn't good for our family.
But I learned A LOT.  About myself, about parenting, and about senility.  So that was good, but I was bitter for a long time because life had been really good and then this opportunity came along and we prayed about it and it felt right and it ended up being kinda sucky.
So now when seemingly good things happen I feel a little trepidation.  I keep wondering if God's just trying to screw with me.  Oh, me of little faith.  I guess this goes back to the post about feeling the spirit. Sooooo hard!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

So tell me

So tell me, do you ever find yourself looking in the mirror at a woman who feels badly that she hasn’t yet made flower-shaped soap?

Nah, me, neither.

But still this article about kids needing their moms, even if those moms aren't perfect, is a good one. Enjoy! And hug your babies a little closer.

From the Power of Moms

Monday, April 9, 2012

Something to read

I don't have the time today to discuss this, but it's something I'm pondering today as I'm realizing our family dynamic is getting out of control.

There are WAY too many tense moments and negative emotions and blaming (parents AND children) going on around here.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

I have a question

How do you differentiate between your own emotions and the Holy Spirit bringing personal revelation?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Eliza R. Snow once said . . .

“God bless you, my sisters, and encourage you, that you may be filled with light, and realize that you have no interests but in the welfare of Zion. Let your first business be to perform your duties at home. But, inasmuch as you are wise stewards, you will find time for social duties, because these are incumbent upon us as daughters and mothers in Zion. By seeking to perform every duty you will find that your capacity will increase, and you will be astonished at what you can accomplish.”

Let's see here.
1st business: perform your duties at home
2nd business: social duties

BUT if you are wise stewards in fulfilling #1, you will find time for #2.

And by seeking to perform EVERY duty, your capacity will increase.

This reminds me of having a baby who never napped. When he did nap, it was INCREDIBLE the amount of work I could accomplish in an hour. Prior to motherhood, a list of such magnitude would require half a morning, or most of a day.

Or grocery shopping with kids. Remember how with your first, it was all you could do to GET to the store with the baby in tow? Once that one is a little more grown up, two seems such a handful! Then you get to three, who always come with you. Busy times, indeed.

But when my other two are elsewhere, and it's just the baby and I shopping? Amazing how easy it seems!

Our capacity increases as we seek to perform all our duties. I need to remember this as I try to instill more order in my home, in our days, and in my mind.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I know the women who read (or used to read) this blog have young kids, but I came across this post that I found fascinating.

"The culture of dating is a culture of hunger and unsatisfied eyes that are always looking around for affirmation via someone or something else."

I've been thinking about dating, and what kind of relationships I want to encourage my children to engage in such that they can have successful marriages. Whenever I am struggling to find a fulness of joy in my own marriage, I turn to thinking about what I want for my kids and how to foster success in their future.

This post, found through another blogger's tumblr, gave me some interesting things to think about, the most forward of which I agree with: young kids who are dating are setting themselves up for a bad relationship with "relationships".

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Prophet Said to Plant a Garden

We live in on-campus graduate/married student housing. It's a lovely place, and in the center of the complex is a big hill with a house turned office on top. Behind said office is a little fenced-in garden with 24 or so garden plots. A friend called me up last week and asked if I'd like to use her plot for the summer, as she's too busy to do much with it. Would I ever!

I got a look at it last week, and went up three or four times to try to clear the ridiculously tall weeds. I've cleared maybe a quarter of the plot, and discovered a patch of strawberry plants and some mint. I'm worried about the mint, as I know it's pretty invasive, but it should make for a fun summer. Or rather I thought it would.

Until I sprained my ankle on Saturday afternoon. At a birthday party (which was held by an LDS family during a session of general conference--which I don't get) I stepped off a deck onto uneven ground and ended up with a nasty bruise and had to hobble home using the stroller as a walker. It's easier to put weight on it today, but it's still a bit swollen and I'm trying to be careful.

Did you know, as a mother of three small boys who's accustomed to doing most household tasks, it's extremely difficult to force oneself to relax and put your feet up? It's hard! Perhaps I need to slow down and relax more mindfully more often. It feels good to put my feet up and say no to the kids' unceasing demands.

It makes me think about boundaries. Which makes me think about this post about boundaries. I love the idea of modesty's relationship to boundaries.