Thursday, April 5, 2012

I have a question

How do you differentiate between your own emotions and the Holy Spirit bringing personal revelation?


  1. I also struggle with this concept as I am a very emotional person. Therefore whenever I am crying or experiencing very strong emotions I find that that gets in the way of spiritual communication. However, whenever I work through the emotions I am feeling to the point that I am calm, then is when I find I receive revelation and to me it is unmistakable; a warm and comforting feeling where my mind is quiet and my heart is still. That's the only way I know how to describe it.

    1. Natalie, that's really insightful. I've found that when communicating with others, if I can move past the emotions to that calm state that our communication is much more effective. I would have never made the connection to our spiritual communication, though.

  2. If you figure this one out let me know :-/

  3. Boy if that isn't the hardest thing in the world. Well, for me the hardest part is living my life to be able to discern. It's not like I'm off adultering here and there (I just invented a verb!), but I know that the environment I've created around myself (yelling at kids, inappropriate entertainment, not letting virtue garnish my thoughts) usually prevents me from being able to discern.
    It's the main thing I want to work on before next conference
    (And the Lord was slow to hear their prayers because of their iniquities...)-that one hit me the hardest.

  4. Natalie put into words something that I never could! It makes tons of sense when reading it. Thanks Natalie!!!