Thursday, April 19, 2012


Sometimes it feels like amazing things just fall into our laps and so that means that they are meant to be.
But what if they're not.  How do we know?
Once we had the opportunity to live with an old man and be his caretakers.  Rent free, + $500/month.  It sounded amazing.
And it was.  And it also was awful.  Because I had a little 1 year old and hubby had a long commute and it simply wasn't good for our family.
But I learned A LOT.  About myself, about parenting, and about senility.  So that was good, but I was bitter for a long time because life had been really good and then this opportunity came along and we prayed about it and it felt right and it ended up being kinda sucky.
So now when seemingly good things happen I feel a little trepidation.  I keep wondering if God's just trying to screw with me.  Oh, me of little faith.  I guess this goes back to the post about feeling the spirit. Sooooo hard!!


  1. I can't believe I didn't see this earlier.

    I know what you mean. Sometimes the opportunities sound awesome and turn out to have good and bad. And lots of work.

    It reminds me of the summer we spent in Philadelphia. The cradle of liberty! So many things to see and do! And then the day we drive out, I'm told to go on modified bedrest.

    Then we visit with family and the day we're planning on driving in to Philly and getting the keys to our rental, we get an e-mail from the lady (who we'd been trying to call but whose phone was broken) saying we can't stay there after all. And she had nearly $2000 of ours already.

    And it just got better from there. But we survived, we learned, and God supported us. Even when it was 95 degrees inside our apartment with only one tiny window a/c.

  2. Woody! Yay! :) :)

    I remember coming to your place when you lived there. I helped you clean once, I think... and we found a check from Denny's. Remember that?