Monday, July 11, 2011

How Low Could You Go?

I read an article about a family downsizing from 2,500 square feet to less than 400!

It's fun to see; they homeschool at home, too! What could you go without if you were to lose more than 4/5 of your square footage?

Or perhaps it's more useful to think of what things you really need? It's a fun exercise.

My family needs:
Food storage
A computer
A few books and toys
Bedding (this doesn't have to be stationary! My boys sleep on a sleeping bag on the floor)

And I can't honestly think of much else. What about you?


  1. I think it is all about the layout. Wymount two-bedroom apartments were 550 square feet, and some families had three children! Even though my apartment is much bigger, I still feel the layout of the Wymount living room made it the best.

  2. I think legally you're supposed to have 100sqft/person (that may change in different cities)and I think that sounds perfect. I could fit 9 people if I had to, I would just have to get REALLY creative. :) Right now I'm asking the question how much land do I need? hmmmm