Thursday, September 15, 2011


I know what I need to do. I'm tired and don't want to do it.

I know the dishes need to be washed, but I want to write an e-mail.

I know the bathrooms need to be cleaned, but I want to play UNO.

I know that dinner needs to be cooked, and I'd prefer it be from scratch and healthy, but frozen pizza (cheaper than takeout) is easy.

How do you get the motivation to do what needs to be done? I'm a mother who knows, but do I know enough? It's not motivating me to do everything. I know I can't be perfect, but I don't know what's acceptable . . .

Today was a depressive day. I just wanted to wear yoga pants, eat cookies, and sleep. Or read a book, since I have young children who need supervision. But I refrained! I did the dishes! I took Guy to preschool! I went to the library and Trader Joe's and Ace Hardware with kidlets in tow! And it helped.

I once heard this advice, "It's okay to feel depressed. It's not okay to 'do' depressed." Meaning, you have to shower, get dressed, and tend to normal life, even if you want to cry the whole time. And it helped.

This post was brought to you by "up-one-day-down-the-next-where-she-stops-nobody-knows" Emily.


  1. round two. hopefully I won't close the window this time before entering the password..ahhhhh, my day. it fits.

    So I hear you.

    If we were neighbors I'd swap you a day for a day every week. Just for sleep I'm pretty sure. A little catch up.

    That said after two jammie days in a row. No sleep. someone little has fever. I have sleep deprivation.

    ahhh, when you are settled, let me know. I'll move in next door.

    I'm so not kidding.

  2. I hear you! Had to give a talk at Church on Joy in the Gospel through my family... with a screaming 7 week old at home? hmmm.... got to church... with nothing! Introduction, 2 quotes, cry, sit down. Monday was a rough day afterward and I've now read two books in two days increasing my fatigue. (Reading books is that escape the depression thing for me). AT least the screaming has decreased significantly in these subsequent days. Laundry must be done and there were at least two "extra" hours of sleep happening last night so I'll have to do something today. If only I can remember to feed myself every two hours to keep the fatigue at bay...
    Motherhood is delightful Ü and I love the advice you posted, one area where doing outweighs and can change the be.

  3. Love that advice...not okay to "do" depressed! Do you mind if I share this on Facebook? I know a few people that would love it, too.