Thursday, September 22, 2011

How did that happen?

A week since my last post, already? I had such high hopes for this blog!

Turns out, I hate uploading or finding photos. And my priorities right now are not this blog, but rather my husband, kids, and own education. Who knew it meant blogging would go by the wayside so soon!

But I had a few things to share.

FIRST: New method of behavior modification
We wrote a set of family rules during FHE, and the kids actually came up with them. Every time the kids break a rule, they have to "turn a card". They go from "Super" to "OK" to "lose a bedtime story" to "lose toys and books in bed" to "no computer time", etc. Every morning when they wake up, if yesterday's card was super or OK they put a pompom ball in an empty apple juice jug. When it's full, we take them bowling! So far, the excitement has not worn off. We'll see how motivating bowling proves to be.

SECOND: Making my priorities show
I made the decision to read my scriptures and general conference talks instead of blogs. I still have my feed reader with 10 or so dedicated reads, which I check a couple times a week. I also made the decision to stop watching shows on the computer during the day, something I did a lot of in the old apartment when we still had two computers. Now we're down to one it's harder to do.
And it makes me happier! The scriptures and prayer are bringing a light into my life with which I not well-acquainted. It's lovely, really. Some days are harder than others, and I don't always keep with it, but when I do my family is happier and I am happier and it's easier to work hard instead of laze about.



  1. Wow, it is so strange to think of your children being old enough to come up with rules. I still remember when you told me you were pregnant (on the bus on a cold morning).

  2. Psss...are you in my head?

    I swear I have done or thought those exact same things these past couple of weeks. I just haven't had the guts/will power/just do it to follow through with it. Seriously! My kids made rules before we moved and at school the card turning is working so well for the lil' Mr that I've been debating on bringing the rules back and implementing the cards. AND the past couple of weeks it has been nagging at me that I need to forego any shows I have been watching (just low key ones while I've been doing laundry or blogging and such). Really, they are just distractions and distractions that I don't need. This past week I did a lot better and this week I discovered I really can't afford to watch them (got some deadlines this weekend I need to meet). I've also been trying to make my priorities first thing in the morning (also slacked off a ton the past couple of weeks...lucky to sneak something in before bed). So thank you for the motivation and speaking out loud what I know I should be doing! =)

    P.S. Oh very wise friend, I just got asked to speak this next Sunday on Charity & Love, so if you happen to have some or come acros some amazing quotes/talks/stories, send them my way! I'm actually excited about the forced study of the topic!