Saturday, October 8, 2011

End of Another Week

I'm ditching Facebook. It's a time-suck for me, and if Elder don't-remember-his-name-from-the-Seventy is right and I have to give a strict accounting of my time, I don't want to get to the pearly gates and say, "I spent 400 hours of my life checking facebook statuses without contributing to anybody's lives."

This week I fell asleep in the car and got in an accident. It was minor, thankfully. We were both stopped at a red light, and I dozed off and my foot slipped off the pedal. I bumped his car and woke up. Thankfully he was really gracious and isn't contacting insurance or filing a police report, I just gave him enough money to get his bumper fixed.

PSA: DON'T DRIVE WHILE DROWSY. It wasn't late, either. It was noon. To all you young moms, get enough sleep! Take naps! And if you're drowsy, don't kid yourself. Pull over and do jumping jacks, or get a soda, or something.

Other things this week; I take things too seriously and do not do enough fun things with my husband. Yesterday I went to the gym with him and it was such a blast! We enjoyed spending time together out of the house without the kids. Obviously this isn't something we can do very frequently with young kids who need us, but whenever we can manage it we need to do it more!

And now? The farmer's market. And cleaning my ridiculously filthy house. Holy cow, how does it get SO NASTY SO FAST?

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  1. scary about the accident! Glad it wasn't serious. I hear you on the facebook. I'm glad they changed it because now I dislike it so much I only get on about once a week. Otherwise I'd probably forego it altogether as well.
    I need more date nights too. We were hoping to do it once a month, but haven't been very good about it.