Saturday, April 23, 2011

bathroom humor

Today gave me another reason to home school next year. This afternoon I was privileged enough to hear my son's first "bathroom" song he picked up in school. Now, I know this isn't a massive thing. Certainly not a reason in and of itself to home school.

But it annoyed me.

It wasn't even clever.

And he taught it to his 3 year old sister.

I get that they're kids. And maybe I am overreacting, I wont deny that I've been known to do so. I just can't stand "potty talk". If I let it go now, then where do I draw the line? No, I think the line has to be drawn here. The body is an amazing thing. Heavenly Father's greatest work, and I just cringe when I hear it treated as a joke. As something low and disgusting.

It's incredible!

And I haven't done a good enough job of teaching my kids that yet. I hope that by teaching them to respect bodies in general that they will have a greater reverence for their own and treat it and themselves accordingly.

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  1. That's a tricky one--but I believe teaching reverence for the body and all sacred things is vital! And it starts now.

    I think reverence for the sacred is something where we completely miss the mark at times---just this morning in primary the sharing time lesson was full of joking comments and clown faces. Then the woman was surprised when the kids were poking fun at the Easter story she was telling.

    And really, kids learn by imitation.