Monday, May 23, 2011

On Tackling Fear

There are tasks in my life that I avoid because I don't think I will enjoy them. Driving more than a few minutes. Making certain phone calls. Approaching a situation where I am uncertain what to do.

On car trips, I've always been the one to sit in the passenger seat and dole out snacks, read maps, and keep the driver awake. But today, I drove the 260 miles to take the children to see one of my sets of in-laws. Josh has various meetings and a conference this week, so he's joining us on Friday night.

I just thought of my trip as 9 jaunts to and from a local town that I visit once a month or so. And it cut down on the fear factor, amazingly. Who knew that a simple re-naming of the task would make it feel so much simpler?

Now I'm a smart and capable woman, but there are things that leave me feeling like I must be 10 years old for how I dread them. It doesn't mean I have to keep things the way they are; it's good to choose to sidestep your comfort zone for a while. I feel much more confident today than I have in a long time.

Even if that first bathroom stop was tricky!

So what kinds of things strike fear into your heart? And what are you going to do about it?


  1. Jared's long conference trips, until I realized it meant I could do whatever I want with Lukas while he's gone- so we live it up longer, later, eat REALLY simple meals (2 year olds don't care if you eat noodles and sandwiches all the time, or the same things every day).

    My fear at this moment? Losing even more sleep trying to do a 6-tank "road trip" with a 2 year old and camping along the way, knowing that he doesn't fit in the pack & play anymore (which WAS an awesome solution for the tent).... help? And one room hotels? Sleep?

  2. good timing. I woke up in a panic this morning thinking I had slept through Pack Meeting. (not 6AM silly, 6PM)
    I started writing my response to this and it practically turned into a post. So I think Well Trained Mind will have to wait until Thursday because now I want to blog this. :)