Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Home Schooling Curriculum- First Grade

I love seeing what other people do for their schools so I decided to post what we'll be doing too.
I know, my son just did first grade. But since he skipped kindergarten and I feel like he didn't learn as much as I'd like this past year (seems all they do is reading and math), we're going to do some home schooling over the summer and see if we can fill some gaps. This isn't a full curriculum, mind you. He's very strong on grammar/spelling so I'm not doing that. This will work out to be about 2 1/2 hours of schooling/day. He reads for fun daily so I don't include that. Here's what the plan is:

Writing: work on simple letters to relatives/missionaries 2x/week. Copy short sentences 3x/week and work on penmanship. abt 20 min/day

Math: Singapore Math. 40-60 min/day including xtramath.com for drilling.  I love xtramath.com, btw.  

Ancient History biographies and tales. Ask him to repeat what we read while I write it (comprehension) Make notebook pages together. 2 hrs/week

Science: animals, human body and plants. 2x/week for 60 minutes.

Religion: morning devotional is back!! Focus on major stories from the scriptures.

Music: work on staying on key. Practice scales 15 min/day. Listen to classical music during chores.

Art: learn about famous artists from library books and do own versions of some of their work.  Also free time to create whatever. Fridays-1 hour or so.

There you have it.  Come fall we're going to add spelling words and more language arts work, but I think this will be good for summer.  I'll be sure to post about what I do/ do not like.

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