Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Being Happy With What You Have

I read this fabulous post this morning on the subject of contentment, and it really spoke to me. The essence: sometimes it's better to dial down our desires instead of upping our spending.

I've been thinking lately on the concept of frugality and why I care. I know I'm not perfect; don't ask me how often I've eaten at a restaurant this month or how many items go into my cart that aren't on my list! However in the search for deeper enjoyment in my life I've realized that things that cost money aren't what we make them out to be.

What things really give you pleasure in your life? I love a good book, time spent with friends playing cards and discussing current events, walking hand in hand with my husband, savoring a homemade meal, and a really good TV episode. The Lord has blessed me with financial resources to care for my family. Somehow I don't think he'd be pleased when I waste them in any manner, whether it's a frivolous purchase or food that's thrown out.

The one thing I value most in my friends is their love and support, and I'll be honest. It is far easier for me to be friends with someone who wants to talk about budgets and bargains. I don't want to drive here and there spending money on a frequent basis doing "fun" things. I don't want to talk about TV sizes and prices.


  1. This is excellent. I have ended friendships with people once I realized that they were basically based on consumption. My bank account benefited as a result. My natural inclination is to be an impulsive spender, so I have to be careful to create an environment that doesn't encourage that. I'm glad to have found friends who enjoy a simple, frugal, and productive life. I find a lot of satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment in managing resources well to serve my family (and myself), be it money, fabric, time, food, etc. Even though it's impossible to be off the grid, I feel good when I know some of my energy is spent as a producer in some form, not just as a consumer.


  2. there was a fabulous post about wastefulness from Society Sunday http://www.societysunday.com/2011/05/13/wastefulness-a-common-vice-sunday-may-15-blog-hop/
    but it isn't showing it now. Anyway, it quoted Eliza R Snow saying surely the Lord frowns on us not using fabric scraps and wasting food, etc. and it really made me stop and think about our consumer culture.. Wish I could find the quote.

  3. Amen! I used to get so stuck on the idea that I was stuck (doing nothing fun) with my budget and no car available, but every now and then my eyes open and I can see what we can do right around us. Let's be honest, it takes work being "frugal" and doing nothing can be called lazy, but doing something with nothing takes a lot more work! lol I don't coupon, but my friends that do are the some of the most productive people I know. =)