Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Going Carless

Is it possible with kids??  Most people think we're crazy just having one car.  What about zero???
Our car had some trouble and we were worried it would cost more to fix than it was worth.  We were lucky, t was only a few hundred dollars. We were hoping to get a minivan next year and have saved about half of what we need.  We REALLY wanted to pay cash.  So one of the options we mentioned was going carless.  A minivan with low gas mileage, insurance premiums, maintenance and repairs, or I could get this instead?
Don't they make that look fun?  That's called marketing!
How about these?

yes, I already have one of these

But it's a bit of a pain pulling it uphill.  I live on a hill.
If I changed pediatricians and used Bountiful baskets more for produce (my closest store has AWFUL produce) I almost think it could work for 6 months.
I'm not optimistic enough to think we could do this in the winter.

Have you ever thought of going without a car?


  1. We only have one car as well. It works out okay, because my hubby works 2 miles from here so he can bring the car back on his lunch break (but he's been walking to the nearest cross street and getting a ride from his co-worker who passes that way lately) I also live on a hill and the bike trailer almost killed me last time I tried to get up it! We are too far away from "everything" (parks, library, grocery stores, etc) to go car-less, but if I lived in downtown Salt Lake I would do it. Anywhere else in Utah I think is a huge gamble of terror heh. When I lived in London it was easy to be without a car, but America's public transit system sucks. Utah is getting better but it's still pretty dismal.

    Oh yeah and the winter? There's no way. Bummer.

    Maybe if I got a horse...

  2. I think about it all the time!

    Two cars won't be our first choice for a long time, and even then it will likely be a truck for hauling and a van for the family.

    Our local bus service is FREE, but with three kids it takes dedication to want to use it. And it doesn't stop super close to any parks. My biggest issue is grocery shopping--it's hard to shop for a family and have to cart everything home on the bus with your toddlers.

    But if our van breaks down, we already have a contingency plan consisting of zipcar and the bus. Trains or planes for further destinations.

    If we end up in Hong Kong or Europe when Josh is done here, then there's no way we'll be able to have a car.

    If I had just two kids, we would seriously consider being car free.