Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Homeschooling is Hard in the Summer

I belive in schooling year round. Kids do lose a lot over summer and I don't think learning is a "School only" thing anyway.  But BOY, is it hard to get your kids to sit down and learn about the solar system when everyone else in the neighborhood is out riding bikes and playing in the sprinklers.  Even I want to take breaks and go work on the chicken coop or take the kids swimming (it's finally starting to feel like summer!)  I am really loving homeschooling, but with all the summer around us, I find myself doing less than I had hoped.
So instead of stressing about it I'm replaxing a bit.  The nice thing about schooling year round is that you have enough time to cover everything you want to and can take breaks as needed.  So here's what I decided: Math is a MUST everyday.  This week he'll finish 1st grade Singapore Math (I felt there were some gaps) and then he'll start second grade.  Most days he likes to do 2 or more lessons, but I'm going to require just one.  For spelling we go outside and write the words in sidewalk chalk or jump around while spelling them on a spelling mat I made.  I'm easing up on science and history.  He loves science and I'm just letting him pick the topic he wants to read about for now.  For history I'm trying to have him listen to me read a book or passage about whatever civilization we're on.  We're still trudgeing through Mesopotamia.  I'm starting to think 1-4 graders who aren't really into history would do better learning about local/national history.  Or maybe we missed today's Babylon book because a bike ride sounded more enticing. 
So instead we talked about how friction is what keeps us from falling off our bikes as we go around a corner. :)  I can turn anything into a science lesson, ancient history is a bit harder. I think the Sumerians invented the wheel...  that counts, right?

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  1. Yes. Homeschooling IS hard, and in the summer especially. I think it comes down to making sure that you do what's important.

    You're trying to set the tone for your homeschool; if your son hates it you'll kick yourself later. So make it fun and light-hearted and treat it like a "learning vacation" maybe?

    Kris, you're doing great and you're an awesome mom. I wish that I knew as much about science to turn anything into a science lesson; or as much about history!