Friday, June 17, 2011

Courage to Be

In a conversation this week, I snapped into "silly female" mode. My husband teases me about it; I laugh a lot, am flippant and congenial, and tend to agree with anything said.

I am greatly irritated at the end of such encounters.

Why do I put on middle-school manners on occasion? There are many unique facets to my personality and to God's purpose for my life. Why do I shrink to be myself for the glory of the Lord?


Photo: Matt Lehman


God is great, and he created us for His purposes and His glory.

What can you do today to be the woman God asks you to be, to fulfill your individual purpose? I can tell you what I'm going to do.

I'll hug my children close and play with them as much as I can.
I'll read a good book, a thinking book.
I'll enjoy my family and enjoy their company!
I'll spend time encouraging a friend.


  1. I need to call you tomorrow. Encourage me. Encourage me to move out of state ;) It's one of those days....

  2. Sometimes I feel untrue to myself when I do/say something just so that I appear more "mainstream" or just don't want one of "those" conversations in that moment. Sigh. Tja. To fulfil my purpose--- I do what I think is a good idea, and then glory in its success when someone's good idea from a book works, then bite my tongue when the urge hits to give advice to someone else with that problem. I do read a lotta books about helping kids do yadda yadda, so I might come off as a know it all, but I definitely don't. Did anyone see my kid throwing a tantrum today? It's not like knowing answers makes kids perfect, it just helps me not flip out. My purpose? Flip out minimally and non-frequently, that way when I do people will actually listen. Maybe. haha.