Monday, June 27, 2011

Ready to Move

We're getting ready to move after we get back from a few weeks visiting family in Washington, D.C.

It's a relief to know we haven't accumulated too many things of questionable value, moving across the country in our sedan with two children helped us pare down considerably last year.

Now I've got another chance to decorate and create a cozy and happy space for my family. I've a few ideas for my dream list; front-facing bookshelves, hooks in the boys' room for dress-up clothes, a bamboo mat to go under the dining room area that could be wiped down after meals.

Oh, and an electric piano. Any recommendations? The volume needs to be touch-sensitive, but other than that I'm just feeling awful that I haven't touched a piano or organ keyboard in more than eight months. Talk about hiding my talent in the earth.

So let's hear it: electric piano recommendation, dream house list, or talents you're hiding and want to develop.


  1. I have a Gem and really like it. It's been a few years since I shopped for one, but I believe Yahama and Kawasaki had some good models too. Depends on what you're looking to spend....

  2. We got an electric piano from Costco a Yamaha portable grand and have really liked I need to get a headset for it, so I can play whenever I want! I will note that my bro tried to get one off of craigslist and once he purchased it, he discovered that there were a few keys that stick and basically it didn't work. And basically ended up buying a new one after all that trouble. It's hard to tell buying used if you don't know the person you are buying it from.

  3. Let's think, Kris . . . how much would I want to spend on a piano? ;-)